Yoga + Spa Social

March 19, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

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This class will use asana to balance the opposing energies of the body - sun and moon/ male and female/ yin and yang. We will use Ha (yang) poses to create heating male energy and long Tha (yin) poses for cooling female energy. We will stimulate the energy in the physical and energetical body, to reach the different layers of our consciousness while promoting physical vitality and mental balance.

Then prepare to be transformed. Unwind in the Thermal Experience - a nine suite hot and cold circuit that includes a Finnish Sauna, Crystal Steam Room, Herbal Laconium Room, Hydrotherapy Tub, Igoo and so much more! 

Space is limited. All levels welcome.

What to bring: We encourage you to wear comfortable workout gear. We'll supply a mat, water and towels for your yoga flow. 

Location: Meet us in our open-air Ocean Studio, located near our Sunrise Pool.



Nicola Brisuela is a yoga teacher, organic health and wellness coach and medicinal aromatherapist. Certified in Vinyasa, Pre Natal and Power Yoga, her classes are ideal for all levels from beginners to advanced.
Vinyasa means the connection of breath to movements. Therefore, Vinyasa style movements are designed to connect the asanas, or postures, to the gentle flow of the breath. We move through postures to create strength, endurance and flexibility while focusing on alignment, honoring our bodies and allowing the breath to guide us.

Her focus is not on avoiding challenges, but on teaching how to find balance and clarity within the modern life. Nicola believes we are always a student, and continues her rigorous training in yoga and meditation, in the hopes that the more she experiences the effects of yoga practice, the deeper her ability to share with others will become.


$50 per yogi